Apr 24


ART: Sky Art Illustrations by Thomas Lamadieu

Genius French artist Thomas Lamadieu has illustrated a series of scenes in the sky directly onto photographs of urban landscapes.

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Lord Baelish is a liar Sansa!!!!

Apr 20

Game of Thrones- It was Joffrey’s Fool under instruction of Lord Baelish!! You fools! It didn’t take me a book to figure that out.

Apr 20
These are great!
Apr 19

These are great!

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Apr 13

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Mar 28


Bears Doing Human Things [via]

Previously: Before and After Pictures of Animals Growing Up

I Love Me Some Bears!

Do what you like.
Things you’ve never done.
Keep on walking,
Staring at the stars
All the little lights.
Fairytales and Firesides
Lead way
in The wrong direction,
the Girl I once Knew.

What will be come of Us?
Two Tales,

There you go again.
May I remind you
The Darkness,
The Chill in The Air.
A wicked Man’s [B]ests.
He’ll rise to meet you
As your trust dissolves to shame
Innocence has turned and lost its way
Retrace the footprints
Off the path from which you came.

(“Ya Hey,
Are you my angel?
Will we walk all night
Down solitary streets?”
“Baby, I want you
You’re on My mind.”)

Th[is] Girl Running
Brick walls.

All the little lights.
Keep on walking
The wrong direction,
Staring at the Stars.

Mar 28
Traveler, Passenger
Mar 23



A female Blanket Octopus might get to about a meter or 2 (3.3 to 6.6 feet) in length, but her first 2 pairs of legs are extra specially long. Attached to them is a huge span of webbing that is normally hidden away.In times of need, this drapery is unfurled, spread out and left to billow in the water. This makes her look far larger and more threatening than she actually is, hopefully scaring off any predators. If it doesn’t seem to be working so well, bits of her blanket can even detach from the rest to act as a decoy.

Blanket Octopus are immune to the stings of the Portuguese Man o’ War. They can rip off a few of the Man o’ War’s tentacles and wield them like whips. Poisonous, stinging whips.




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